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Northern Wisconsin Quality Homes, LLC.
BlueWater Builders, LLC. is the exclusive on-site contractor and developer for Northern Wisconsin Quality Homes, a certified dealer of Wisconsin Homes Inc.

We will be your main point of contact throughout the building process; including, but not limited to:

  • Site preparation to state and local building codes, permits, and planning
  • Floor plan selection, modifications, and final layout approval
  • Exterior and interior options and treatments
  • General contractor for all onsite construction
  • Additional services - concrete sidewalk, asphalt driveway, downspouts, decks, etc.

Lexington Model
Cambridge Model
Loft Model
What is a "Precision Built" home?

Factory built  homes are technologically advanced, have superior strength, are energy efficient and environmentally sensitive. Built in a factory controlled environment, they are constructed in sections and put together by a builder on your building site. Builders can help you design your own home which is then engineered by professionals at the factory.

How is a Precision Home built?

The building process begins at the design phase. Wisconsin Homes uses state of the art computer aided design programs, which are used for customizing floor plans and producing drawings that can be approved by the customer. Once designed and approved, the building process begins. This process is similar to what you've seen during the construction of houses in your neighborhood; however, the work is performed on a production line. Quality materials are used and skilled craftsmanship is maintained while multiple departments construct the home. Precision built homes are subject to the same building codes and standards as site-built homes. Precision Built homes today are models of efficiency and quality assurance.
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